Intro to The Alternative Lifestyle

Jesus Christ is the greatest human being that has ever lived.

Is He God? Yes. And because He is God, he shows us what a perfect human looks like. Jesus is the primary way that God has revealed Himself to us. Jesus said, “To see me is to see the Father.” [John 14.9, The Message].

Most of my life I thought about Jesus as God, but I  rarely thought about Him as being the perfect example of a human. But He was is. And more than that, it is His expectation is that those people who claim to be His disciples learn to do what He did, to walk like He walked, and to talk like He talked.

But to walk and talk and act like Jesus is revolutionary. It goes against the grain of everything our western culture has taught us. We have been raised to value freedom; Followers of Christ value submission and obedience. The culture says that we should look out for number one; Jesus commands that we love others as much as we love ourselves. The culture says that we should pursue the American Dream; Jesus says that you have to make a choice between God and money, because to serve both is an impossibility.

The maddening thing, however, is that Christ’s message isn’t revolutionary only to the “secular” culture, but often even more so to our warped “Christian” subculture that has Christ in its name but often ignores His teachings. The “Christian” sub-culture attacks sinners all the time; Jesus loved the sinners and attacked the religious people. The “Christian” culture says that if you are a good follower of Christ that you will be at church on time; Jesus says that if you pass someone in need on you’re way to a gathering of the church, you are a walking contradiction. The “Christian” sub-culture wants to have a worship “serve-us”; Jesus desires his children to live their lives together, serving each other and the world in true community. The “Christian” subculture spend money to feed their dogs; Jesus wants them to care more for starving children around the world. The “Christian” sub-culture wants to go on “short-term” mission trips; Jesus demands that our very lives be missional.

So this blog is for people who are trying to become like Jesus, no matter the cost. I hope we will have great conversation on the comments as we try to figure out how Jesus would live in 21st century. I am trying to write this blog in the same way that Jesus would. Jesus challenged the thinking of His day; I hope to as well. Jesus ranted and raved against the religiosity He saw that was devoid of real spiritual substance; as you can probably already tell, I will do some of that too. But Jesus did everything out of love, and I pray that I will be able to do the same, as well.

So join the conversation. Read. Research. Respond. (sorry, the Christian sub-culture obsession with alliteration kicked in for a second). Let’s do this journey together. You can help me be more like Jesus, and maybe God will allow me to help you be more like Jesus.

It’s scary. It’s challenging. It’s ancient. It’s cutting edge. It’s dangerous. It’s revolutionary. People who are like Jesus don’t fit in with the world, and they don’t fit in with religious people. They are their own kind, a “peculiar people”, radically different from anybody else on the planet.

Welcome to The Alternative Lifestyle.


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