American Christians have it easy.

When we read Scriptures about persecution, or Jesus saying “In this world you will have trouble”, we think of someone making fun of us because we’re wearing a “Christian” T-shirt. I have come to realize that most Christian T-shirts deserve to be made fun of, partially because of the fact that they are usually either rip-offs of other people’s design work or they are RIDICULOUS clichés like “Jesus is my homeboy”. But I digress.

Anyway, I want to pull my hair out when I hear this kind of talk about “persecution”. I think Foxe’s Book of Martyrs should be required reading.

If you don’t, you should get the Voice of the Martyrs magazine. You can sign up to get it (for free) at I would suggest you not read it right before or right after eating, though. It’s definitely PG-13 or R rated. But it will wake you up, and make you realize that you have it easy. Maybe too easy. Christianity thrives under persecution and doesn’t do that well in freedom.

I’ll end this post with a news bite that I read this morning in my email from VOM. Would you be willing to sacrifice like this for the sake of the Gospel?

The Voice of the Martyrs has learned that an elderly, bedridden woman burned in an attack on January 7, has since died. According to VOM sources in Bangladesh, attackers may have not realized that the bedridden elderly woman was in the house sleeping when they set the house on fire. She awoke when the fire started, but since she was not able walk, she could not escape. Eventually, someone from the area heard her cries for help and pulled her out of the fire. The motive behind the attack was to burn the house which was used as a house church. Ask God to comfort the family of this elderly lady. Pray the house church which met in this home will continue despite this horrible incident.


~ by lukewil86 on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “Persecution”

  1. Yeah, it’s generally not good idea to read stuff from VOM while eating. We do have it way too easy – Good post.

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